Our Chapter has a small staff with an active group of dedicated volunteer members who serve on our Committees.  These Committees are a driving force of the change we make in our region and support the Chapter by assisting in the development of events and regional initiatives, ensuring the financial health of the organization, and acting as the liaison between our Chapter and our membership, and more.   All volunteers are active Chapter Members and passionate about green building.  (To find out how to become a member, click here.  To learn how to join a Committee, click here.)  Read below to learn more about each of our Committees.

If you are interested in sitting on one of the following Committees, please contact us



Committee Chair: Andy Schonberger, Chair of the Board

The Executive Committee consists of the following board members: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The Executive Committee meets as needed to make decisions when there is no regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The Executive Committee is responsible for conducting an annual performance review of the Executive Director.

Committee Chair: Darryl Neate, Treasurer & Director

The Finance Committee is responsible for the development of mid to long term financial plans (in line with the Board’s Strategic Plan) that ensure the ongoing financial viability of the Chapter.  The Committee oversees the preparation of an annual budget for presentation to the Board of Directors. In addition, it reviews the quarterly and annual financial statements and provides a report on the financial status of the Chapter to the Board of Directors and membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Chair: Amanda Smith, Secretary & Director
The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the Chapter By-Laws & Policies, ensuring that all Chapter Committees follow Chapter By-Laws and National Policies, collaborating with the Executive Director and the Board to identify and contain any potential issues arising from any action.  This Committee is the repository of knowledge and information concerning governance for the Chapter.



Committee Chair: Andrea Wolf-Strike

The Education Committee is responsible for the strategy that guides the Chapter’s education program and advises on education content, target audiences, partnering organizations, etc.  The Committee monitors and evaluates education programs to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Committee Chair: Rob Edwards
The Membership Committee develops strategic membership recruitment and retention strategies and ensures the provision of a program of member services that provides direct and tangible benefits to all members. It also guarantees the flow of appropriate communication from the entire membership to all formed Committees and the National Board of Directors, and that the wishes of the majority of membership are conveyed to relevant committees for consideration.

Committee Chairs:  Nitika Jagtiani & Jason Gray 

The purpose of the Emerging Green Professionals Committee is to create networking and education opportunities for EGPs that are different in scope to those delivered by the Chapter.  The EGP Committee maintains its reporting relationship to the Board through the inclusion of a Board representative at all its meetings.


Committee Chair: Julia St. Michael

Last spring, the Canada Green Building Council Greater Toronto Chapter's Advocacy Committee began discussions on building energy benchmarking. Ian Theaker’s article in the spring 2014 issue of Toronto Focus (p17-18), Building Energy & GHG Benchmarking: Labeling and Transparency, provided a comprehensive overview of the issue and its context across Canada and in Toronto. Over the past year, the committee has pursued the initiative in a number of ways; the Chapter provided a letter of support for the motion presented by City Councillors to the Parks and Environment Committee for a staff report on a new bylaw and implementation plan to establish a mandatory ‘Annual Energy & Water Utilization Reporting Requirement’ for large buildings in Toronto for their March agenda. The Chapter is also working to maintain open communication with Mayor John Tory. Any Chapter member interested in becoming involved should send their CV and expession of interest to Ian Theaker at



Committee Chair: Ken Feinstein

The Marketing and Communications Committee reports to the Executive Director and promotes effective marketing and communications related to the Chapter in order to engage its membership and ensure its recognition as industry experts, a place of knowledge and leadership to the industry/government/institutions and general public. It also focuses on increasing sponsorship/partnership opportunities with industry/government/institutions.

Committee Co-Chairs: Jim Lord, Director; Nelson Elliott

The Program Committee reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for suggesting innovative and exciting new programs to appeal to our increasingly diverse membership.  The Committee may also offer assistance with sponsorship and logistics of events as required.