New Integrated Nationwide Organization

The Canadian green building industry has been transformed on a significant scale over the last 10 years making Canada a global leader. This is largely due to our members, stakeholders, supporters and volunteers who have been instrumental in driving the transformation of Canada’s buildings, communities and cities.
To keep enhancing the impact of the green building movement, we are very pleased to announce that the Greater Toronto Chapter Board voted unanimously in favour of joining Canada Green Building Council and other Chapters to become part of one nationwide organization. This change will better engage and service our stakeholders, members, and the industry at large.  Most importantly, it will maximize our impact in our region and across Canada.
All of the Chapters and Canada Green Building Council National have worked together for the past 18 months in an open and transparent process to determine what an integrated nationwide organization would look like. The process included an inclusive consultation and consensus process that led to the creation of the nationwide model.
What this means for the Canada Green Building Council - 
Greater Toronto Chapter 
We strongly support the new integrated model and will recommend to our members to approve this transition at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June. This model better equips our Chapter to support the local market and represent regional interests at the national level.  We are joining an integrated staff, financial and administrative structure as part of the nationwide organization which will free up resources to focus on market transformation.
Chapter members can be confident that they will receive the same high level of service from Chapter staff, and that local educational programming and events, community participation and volunteer opportunities, will continue and be enhanced moving forward.
New Benefits

Current Canada Green Building Council Chapter member's status will remain the same for the rest of 2015.  Members can continue to renew as a Chapter member taking advantage of all the great Chapter benefits and opportunities we currently provide.
However, under the new nationwide model (effective January 1, 2016), any employee of a corporate member company will be entitled to a free chapter membership within their respective region. This will increase and simplify access to local programming and events, grow the community of green building practitioners and widen your networking and business opportunities.
For a full list of benefits, please
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Next Steps
In the next few weeks, members will receive an information package with additional details about the nationwide structure and a notice of an annual general meeting to discuss and vote on a resolution to approve the steps required to transition the Chapter into becoming part of one nationwide organization.
We look forward to working with our membership, the other Chapters across the country, and with Canada Green Building Council National to successfully integrate our organizations into a stronger Canada Green Building Council – one with significant potential to continue to make positive change in this country.
If you have any questions or comments at this time, please don’t hesitate to contact Hazel Farley
here, or please visit the Canada Green building Council National website for an FAQ and more information on the Chapter Network review process.

Hazel Farley
Executive Director,
Greater Toronto Chapter
Canada Green Building Council

Please click here to read a message regarding this new integrated nationwide organization from Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of CaGBC