Call for Candidates - Greater Toronto Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council

2018 Leadership Board Election

Candidates for election as a Director of the Leadership Board of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC-GTC) have an excellent opportunity to contribute to the goal of the Chapter to be a catalyst for green building and community development across Southern Ontario.  The Leadership Board is comprised of nine Directors.  This year there will be three vacancies for which expressions of interest are welcomed.  Directors will be elected for a three year term.

The Role of the Leadership Board 

The Chapter Leadership Board establishes regional strategies, initiatives and priorities, and contributes to the advancement of the nationwide mission and strategic goals by working collaboratively with CaGBC staff, mainly the Regional Director, and the Chapter Advisory Committee (a Committee of the CaGBC Board of Directors), demonstrating strategic leadership, collective decision-making and representing a diversity of opinions and perspectives. As Chapters are part of the nationwide governance structure, the Chapter Leadership Boards have influence at the CaGBC Leadership Board level through representation on the Chapter Advisory Committee.

Authority and Accountability

The Chapter Leadership Board exercises the authority delegated by the CaGBC Board of Directors in a manner that respects the nationwide organization’s vision, mission and strategic direction, in accordance with CaGBC bylaws and applicable policies. The Chapter Leadership Board adheres to internal policies and guidelines of the nationwide organization, which are drafted, reviewed and approved in consultation and collaboration with Chapters.

Role and Responsibilities

Focusing on strategic issues, the Chapter Leadership Board will:

  • Provide strategic advice and recommendations to the national Board and senior staff about the interests, needs, issues and priorities of their regions (through the Chapter Advisory Committee and the Regional Director respectively), and advise in the management of regional issues in alignment with nationwide positions.
  • In alignment with the nationwide strategic directions and market development plans, establish regional strategies, initiatives and priorities to reflect the unique needs of each jurisdiction, ensuring these are aligned with nationwide strategic priorities and initiatives as much as possible.
  • Be regional champions by engaging key community leaders and members in green building across the Chapter’s jurisdiction, supporting grassroots involvement and impact; contributing to building and nurturing local partnerships and sponsorship opportunities; and participating in recruitment of new members to the Chapter Leadership Board.
  • Be regional champions and ambassadors for programs, services and, more broadly, for green building, which includes the planning and execution of regional education and networking events; participation in social media initiatives, regional advocacy initiatives and events that promote LEED certified buildings.
  • Are regional champions and ambassadors for green building programs, particularly LEED and other programs as adopted by CaGBC, by advocating and promoting certification, education and related events, and by protecting the CaGBC brand, the LEED and other program brands by bringing any issues or concerns to appropriate staff.
  • Provide advice/counsel and support to the Regional Director at regular Leadership Board meetings or through the work of committees, including participation in recruitment and/or other succession planning activities for the Chapter Leadership Board; provide input to the Regional Director about the Chapter work plan and budget.
  • Assist in the delivery of the approved strategic plan activities.

Candidate Requirements

Every candidate for the Chapter Leadership Board must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Be a Chapter member of the Canada Green Building Council in good standing.
  • Reside in the region covered by the Chapter.
  • Be willing to commit to the entire term and expectations for the position.
  • Commitment to the vision, mission, goals and values of CaGBC.
  • Represent a sector of the green building industry (e.g. architects and interior designers, engineers, contractors, developers, manufacturers, government) or has specific expertise or demonstrated leadership in green building market transformation.
  • Has links to the green building community through work experience and has influence  and/or connections with influential community members. Also has willingness to expand existing network of contacts  through their role as a Leadership Board member and a Chapter Ambassador
  • Be able and committed to actively participate and contribute to the work of the Chapter Leadership Board in a collaborative way and to fill gaps in skills and experience
  • Be a collaborative team player who is able to work on the Chapter’s initiatives with Chapter staff and stakeholders
  • Acts with integrity and respect and adheres to the CaGBC Code of Conduct and Confidentiality policies.
  • Has a passion for sustainability, is actively engaged in the green building industry in the GTA and has made significant contributions to promoting green buildings and communities;
  • Has the ability, confidence, and experience to support the Chapter in all its fund development activities including sponsorship and membership drives;
  • Is able to commit the necessary time to attend Leadership Board Meetings and work on/with committees as required;
  • Is a collaborative team player who is able to work on the Chapter’s initiatives with Chapter members, Directors, staff and the Greater Toronto community

The Leadership Board strives to be representative of the broad range of actors that are key to the Chapter’s mission and seeks to balance membership among three primary categories – in 2018 all categories are open, however, a minimum of 2 vacancies will be filled in the Real Estate Category: 

  1. Real Estate (Building owners, managers, developers, tenants, financial & support services; 
  2. Public Interest (Government, policy, utilities, academia, research, industry associations, & non-profits; 
  3. Technical (Professional firms, construction & trades, product and service providers)

Time commitments by Directors typically includes at least four hours per month for preparation and attendance at Leadership Board meetings (approximately eight a year), and four or more hours per month working with committees, or on other Chapter initiatives.  Leadership Board members are also expected to attend the Chapter’s key events (minimum four a year). Elected Directors will serve a three year term beginning with the first joint Leadership Board meeting (outgoing/incoming Leadership Board members) following the election. Directors appointed to a vacant position will serve until the next Chapter Leadership Board election, at which time they can run for re-election. 

*The Directors shall receive no remuneration and no Director shall receive any profit or financial benefit directly or indirectly from his or her position as such.

New Directors should anticipate a rapid start of their duties, including 
attendance at the annual Spring Open event on April 26th, 2018; 
an orientation to Chapter activities and Director’s duties; on April 18, 2018
a joint Leadership Board of Directors meeting on May 17th (noon-2pm)
Potential Candidates should note the following critical dates:

Nomination Period:                                   March 5-16, 2018 

Nominating Committee Review Period:    March 20-29, 2018

Selection Period:                                       April 3-10, 2018

Results Announced                                   April 11, 2018

*each period closes at noon that day

Individuals who meet the nominating criteria are encouraged to complete and submit the Greater Toronto Chapter Statement of Qualifications & Interest Form 
(downloadable here) and Employer Letter of Commitment (downloadable here) by noon on March 16, 2018.

If you have any questions please direct them to the GTA Regional Director, Jeff Ranson, at