About the Film

Green roofs are an increasing presence in urban development due to their many environmental, economic, and social benefits. One of the most important factors in encouraging green roofing is government policy. Despite this, green roof policy progress in Canada has been slow, and green roofs have yet to permeate public consciousness.

Bart Danko aims to tackle this problem in Terra Communis, a film which explores green roofs and green roof policy in the Greater Toronto Area. Through interviews with academics, green roof installers, green roof manufacturers, municipal policymakers, green roof owners, and others, this film explores green roofing as a tool to mitigate local and global environmental problems. It also documents Bart Danko’s personal process of engaging with municipal policy in Brampton, a rapidly developing city that is blurring the boundary between suburban and urban.

In two forms, a film and a policy document, this project hopes to inform and encourage green roofs and green roof policies using urban agriculture and other creative options across Ontario and beyond.


Click here to watch Terra Cummunis.