Priscilla Chew Bio

Manager, Sustainability & Energy, WSP

Priscilla has been part of the green building industry since 2007. She first started working in sustainability consulting as an Analyst at Halsall Associates, and then over the years, has progressed to Project Manager, Project Principal and Team Manager. She is currently a Manager in the Sustainability & Energy team at WSP. 
Over the years, Priscilla has worked on over 100 sustainability projects, with a particular focus on LEED certifications. She has worked on a wide variety of building types and sizes (both new and existing buildings), was involved with writing the LEED Canada EB:O&M reference guide, and helped lead the WSP team that reviewed LEED submissions on behalf of the CaGBC.
In addition to building sustainability, Priscilla has a passion for team engagement and supporting career growth. She can provide insight into the recruiting/hiring process, as well as general career options within the green building industry.

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