Alan Murphy Bio


Principal, Green Reason

If you can design and build it better, why wouldn’t you? This is a principle that Alan has carried throughout his career. Moving from Architecture to Project and Construction Management, Alan gained extensive experience in the building industry but grew disillusioned with the “business as usual” approach to commercial building design and construction.
Believing that change in the industry required education from within, Alan founded Green Reason to offer clients smarter, more sustainable building solutions. With passion, a strong work ethic, knowledge, integrity and attention to detail, he built the reputation of Green Reason as a firm that takes the success of client’s projects to heart. His comprehensive understanding of building design, operations, construction processes, and project management principles ensures he is able to offer balanced solutions for all his clients. From guiding clients to LEED® certification, to simply improving their operations, Alan takes pride in helping them make informed, smart choices.


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