GPRO - Training for the Trades

GPRO: Green Professional Building Skills Training is a comprehensive national training and certificate program. This program teaches the principles of sustainability and trade-specific green construction knowledge to people who build, renovate and maintain buildings. GPRO is owned and managed by the Urban Green Council and brought to you by CaGBC through expert local certified instructors.

GPRO certificate holders will be prepared to work in accordance with new regulations and to meet the expectations of owners and tenants who want healthier, environmentally sustainable, and energy-efficient homes and buildings.

GPRO Canada Benefits

  • Qualify for LEED Credit: Trained contractors, tradespeople, building operators and service workers can qualify for LEED credits.
  • Jobs and Economy: Green building momentum is increasing. It's where the jobs are and where they continue to grow.
  • Comprehensive Certificate Program: Program materials are relevant to what workers need to know in the field. The GPRO exam provides third-party verification that students have completed and understood the material.
  • Building and Construction Trades Lead the Way to Sustainability: Transitioning the building and construction industries to a sustainable future will reduce greenhouse gases while supporting economic recovery and creating green jobs.
  • Long-term Benefits: Better building construction and operations typically result in energy savings and improved building performance that translate into long-term benefits for owners and occupants.
  • Relevant Content: Instructors focus on what is significant for your trade.
  • Flexible Course Delivery: We can accommodate your delivery preferences.

GPRO Courses

Course 1 (Mandatory): Fundamentals of Building Green (4 Hours)

Course 2: Construction Management (10 Hours)

Course 3: Operations & Maintenance Essentials (12 Hours)

Course 4: Electrical Systems (10 Hours)

Course 5: Plumbing (10 Hours)

Course 6: Mechanical & HVAC-R (12 Hours) 

*GPRO courses are approved for GBCI CE hours.

Education: Interested in the GPRO Program?

CaGBC is currently running pilot GPRO educational programs at colleges across Canada. If you're interested in exploring the idea of delivering the program at your institution or company, please visit our GPRO information page, or contact our Education team at