Introduction to: LEED v4

LEED v4 is the framework and benchmark for the next generation of green buildings. Its development spanned more than three years, and engaged hundreds of volunteers and thousands of stakeholders around the world. LEED v4 is driving big reductions in GHG emissions associated with building construction and operation, and putting a stronger emphasis on human health. Join the future of green building today by registering your next project under LEED v4.

Technical Updates and New Market Sectors:

LEED v4 includes a comprehensive technical update to the rating system requirements.

While some aspects remain familiar, others incorporate important, fundamental revisions:

  • Materials, for example, are evaluated more holistically using multiple attributes through approaches such as Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations.
  • There is a greater emphasis on performance, as reflected in water and energy metering requirements.
  • Integrative design, envelope commissioning, and acoustics are also some of the new additions to LEED v4.

Projects are now able to use the LEED rating system for more project types than ever before. LEED v4 provides 21 different market sector adaptations, including: new and existing data centers, new and existing warehouse and distribution centers, hospitality, existing schools, existing retail, and multifamily midrise. To view the rating systems and details, visit our LEED v4 Resources page.

Watch our Introduction to LEEDv4 video here.

LEED v4.1

Today, LEED v4 is the most rigorous green building rating system in the world. From improving energy performance to emphasizing human health and integrative building design, LEED is encouraging project teams to operate beyond the status quo. Learn about the new LEEDv4.1 updates here.