enviroSCULPT Award



The Greater Toronto Chapter of the Emerging Green Builders (EGBs) is proud to host the annual EnviroSCULPT Award, a contest for students and young professionals (within 5 years of graduation) which aims to promote awarness of the importance of diverting materials from the waste stream. The purpose of this competition is to change waste material into beautiful art that is creative and fun. Students will not only benefit from the experience of this competition, but are also eligible for large prizes and networking opportunities. The finalists are awarded at our annual Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter Gala and Awards Program, where their works are also displayed.

The theme for this year’s EnviroSCULPT competition is CONNECTIVITY. Applicants should design their sculptures with this theme in mind and will be asked to explain their pieces in the written component of their submission. This theme may be applied in conjunction with other concepts such as sustainable building technology, utilities, sustainable planning (communities) etc. We look forward to seeing how applicants incorporate the idea of connectivity into their art work.

Congratulations to the 2015 EnviroSCULPT Finalists!

First Place: The Recycled City 

Candice Chan & Ranee Leung

($1000.00 cash prize)

Second Place: Froot

Kristel Fernandes & Jacqueline Galang

($500.00 gift card)

Third Place: Tree

Nicole Manteiga

($350.00 gift card)






$1000 First Prize: Arisha Osamani & Christina Taylor
$500 Second Prize: Carol Nguyen & Yupin Li
$350 Third Prize: Donna Vakalis & Jason Luk

All finalists received free admission to the CaGBC-GTC Gala!


$1000 First Prize: Marco Barakoski & Brittany Emery
$500 Second Prize: Nele Michiels & Kevin Konnyu
$350 Third Prize: Katie Bayley & Samantha Tyrell

All finalists received free admission to the CaGBC-GTC Gala!


$1000 First Prize: Billy Ma
$500 Second Prize: Marco Barakoski
$350 Third Prize: Ian Fotheringham

All finalists received free admission to the CaGBC-GTC Gala! 

2011 Fall Gala enviroSCULPT Award Winner


$1000 First Prize: Nikki Fotheringham & Ian Fotheringham
$500 Second Prize: Marco Barakoski
$350 Third Prize: Amy Lau & Monika Wizemann

All finalists received free admission to the CaGBC-GTC Gala!