2012 Gala

Legacy Gala

Building our Water Legacy -- November 8, 2012
In support of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the CaGBC
Over 250 industry professionals joined us on November 8, 2012 for an energizing evening in support of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the CaGBC’s continuing education and training programs. The theme of the third annual Legacy Gala was "Building Our Water Legacy". The objective of the Gala was to raise awareness and fuel a dialogue about the importance of creating sustainable water systems.We are already witnessing this paradigm shift to redefine our relationship with water. Guiding the way, the Greater Toronto Chapter of the CaGBC is focused on filling the gap in public education and spurring green building professionals to action to prevent a future urban water crisis.
The third annual Legacy Gala was held at the beautiful and innovative Corus Quay. The evening featured keynote speaker Howard Neukrug, the Water Commissioner responsible for the City of Philadelphia’s groundbreaking, 25-year, $2 billion Green City, Clean Waters plan to protect and enhance watersheds by managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure. Mr. Neukrug delivered a thought provoking presentation about urban water resources, utility planning and management and the challenge of living within our water footprint.  
We would like to extend our congratulations to the Recognition Award Winner Dan Stone and the Envirosculpt Award Winners Billy Ma, Marco Barakoski and Ian Fotheringham
We would also like to thank our sponsors and supporters for making the evening possible. A special thank you goes out to the 2012 Gala Committee:
Dani Marino (Chair)
Susan Kapetanovic-Marr
Samantha MacLeod
Alina Racoviceanu
Jame Zaiyouna

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