Municipal Leaders Forum (MLF)

The Canada Green Building Council  - Greater Toronto Chapteris a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of green buildings and sustainable development and acting as an agent for market transformation to a more energy efficient and sustainable GTA.  The Municipal Leaders Forum (MLF) is an important initiative of the Chapter and recognizes the important role of Municipalities in terms of providing leadership in policy and practice in the area of sustainable design and development.


The MLF Working Group provides a critical network of professionals operating in the municipal sector.  The Working Group aims to provide important contacts in the green building sector, promote information sharing, education, and capacity building.  The MLF Working Group is comprised of municipal policy specialists, engineers, planners, building officials and facility managers from more than 15 upper and lower tier municipalities across the GTA  (and beyond).  In addition to the Annual Leader Forum event, the MLF Working Group generally meets four times a year at locations across the GTA to provide education and networking together with special projects.      

As an important aspect of the Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter's programming, we are committed to ensuring that the MLF Working Group continues  to provide value to our members.  Please take a moment to complete the brief Municipal Leaders Forum survey below. Your feedback will enable us to better tailor the MLF agenda to focus on key municipality issues and shape the overall MLF meeting discussions.    

Leadership from Muncipal and Regional governments is one of the key areas brought forth in the  Green Building Advancement Strategy (GBAS).
Read the Provincial Policy Statement 2005 Review: Comments from the Canadian District Energy Association (CDEA), in partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST), and the Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter (CaGBC-GTC)

Participants at the December 12th, 2013 MLF Working Group meeting expressed interest in sharing their recommendations on the Planning Act Reform - underway by the Province. The CaGBC-GTC has prepared a Provincial Consultation Paper Submission to complement a previous submission on the Provincial Policy Statement. 
In addition, the Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter would like to extend a thank you to the Region of Peel for providing their comments which were submitted to the Province. 


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