Karl van Es

Senior Architect and Associate, BDP Quadrangle

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Karl is a member of the OAA’s Sustainable Built Environments Committee (SBEC) and brings his passion for sustainable design to BDP Quadrangle. A strong project manager, he has extensive experience in leading teams for multi-unit residential developments, with a particular emphasis on design, planning, municipal approvals and contract administration. Karl is a dedicated member of our in-house Green Team and champions the development of green design strategies for multi-unit residential buildings including life cycle assessment. Karl is also an advocate for resilient design in the built environment and is a member of the Human Space team, who took part in our ‘Re-imagining Residential’ and Neighbourhood Nests concept projects. His role on the team is to engage in the design of buildings, landscapes, and communities to enhance social wellbeing while minimizing vulnerabilities to disaster and disruption of normal life. He stays current with emerging architectural trends and contributes to the integration and development of sustainable practices on internal and external projects.

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