Maintaining LEED Credentials (CE hours)

Under the new Credential Maintenance Program (CMP), LEED Professionals are required to maintain their credential by fufilling certain requirements every two years.  The CMP is administered by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).

You're a LEED Professional... Now What?

LEED Professionals are required to EITHER fulfill Continuing Education (CE) hours OR retake their LEED exam every two years in order to maintain their credential.  A certain number of CE hours must be LEED-specific, which means they have to do directly with the LEED process, LEED certification, LEED credit and/or categories:

LEED Green Associate:  15 CE hours (3 LEED-specific)

LEED AP + Speciality:    30 CE hours (6 LEED-specific)

Each additional LEED AP Specialty:  An additional 6 LEED-specific CE hours

How to note LEED credential on business cards, email signature etc.

When you pass the LEED Green Associate exam, you may use the title "LEED Green Associate, "LEED Green Assoc" and/or the logo. All other instances should be noted as "LEED Green Associate" or "LEED Green Assoc."
When you pass the LEED AP exam, you may use the title "LEED AP" followed by your specialty(ies): BD+C, Homes, ID+C, ND, O+M and/or the logo. While LEED is a registered trademark, USGBC and GBCI do not require LEED Professionals to use the '®' or 'TM' symbols in email signatures or on business cards.

How to Earn CE Hours

1. Education
1 CE hour per hour of education ; 2 CE hours for instructors who developed content
2. LEED project experience
1 CE hour per credit and 2 CE hours for being project administrator
3. Authorship
3 CE hours for published article and 10 CE hours for published book
Credited contribution to a print or digital publication, such as our Chapter publications
4. Volunteering 
1 CE hour per hour participation
Unpaid work with a LEED-related nonprofit organization, such as the CaGBC Greater Toronto Chapter.  Cannot total to more than 50% of total CE hours.
For more details, see the CMP Guide 

How to Report and Keep Track of Hours

Login to your account in GBCI's My Credentials, and follow the directions.

What Happens if I don't Report?

LEED Professionals are required to report the required number of CE hours or retake the exam, and pay the $50 CMP renewal fee.  If you don’t complete hours or don’t report, your credential will expire, and will have to reapply and retake the exam.  (The GBCI may be more lient for new professionals.  If you don't think you will be able to fulfill your required number of hours on-time, please contact GBCI directly at 1-800-795-1746.)

Please note: Legacy LEED AP's (those who became LEED AP's before April 2009 and did not upgrade to LEED AP + Specialty) do not have to fulfill credential maintenance requirements and will never lose their credential.  The value of the Legacy LEED AP credential may diminish over time, e.g. LEED certification may no longer award points for having a Legacy LEED AP on the project team, only LEED AP + Specialty.

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